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Helados Bon is a successful development model that produces, transmits flavor and joy to Dominicans,
making it one of the most beloved and prestigious brands in the country.

Helados Bon, established 36 years ago, is an example of a successful family business. It began in the Colonial Zone on May 30, 1972 in a small rented premises, with three employees.

In principle, their ice creams, whose flavors were only vanilla and chocolate, were sold in the same place where they were made.

Its creator, Alfonso Moreno Martínez (deceased), soon began to diversify flavors and introduced fruit ice creams.

They were very well received from the beginning, says Jesús Moreno, current president of the company. Given the sustained growth in demand, in 1977 it established another point of sale, in Los Prados.

n 1985, as a result of the growth in sales, the factory was transferred to the Herrera Industrial Zone, where the industrial division still operates.
Franchise. In 1979, the first Helados Bon franchise was granted, a kind of pilot project. Manuel Alejandro Grullón, current president of Banco Popular Dominicano, acquired the first franchise, says Jesús Moreno.

Helados Bon formally launched the franchise system in 1980. “Today we are leaders in franchises”, with 243 ice cream stores located in the national territory and two in Haiti, says the businessman.

little boat «In 1980 we launched the tastiest invention in the world, the Barquito Bon,» Moreno recounts, referring to the ice cream that in the Dominican Republic is presented in a cone larger than conventional, to which caramel, cherry, colored spices are added. and jam.

It is registered as an invention of Bon. It is one of the star products of Helados Bon. Flavors. It has developed 120 flavors, including several yogurt and fruit flavors, majarete, sweet beans, and macadamia.

At each time of the year it has 32 current flavors for sale. In addition, it offers milkshakes and popsicles. Also «we have a zero sugar line, low calorie ice creams», says Angélica Moreno, in charge of Public Relations of the company. Investment. In 2007, it invested RD$1.5 million in modern machinery, with the purpose of becoming more competitive and improving quality. Export. It began to export in 1997 and exports 10% of its production. Its markets abroad are New York, Haiti and Jamaica. In New York it has 200 points of sale, with ice cream in boxes, cubes and popsicles, which are sold in warehouses and supermarkets. It projects, in a period of six months or a year, to increase the points of sale to more than a thousand in the United States. The Moreno family is currently exploring the markets of Florida and Puerto Rico, as well. «Continuing to consolidate ourselves in the United States and entering other markets are some of our goals for the future,» says Moreno.


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